LPN Programs in Jacksonville

LPN programs in Jacksonville is a great way to launch a new and exciting career in the field of healthcare. In case you were not aware of it, over the next decade there will be a greater demand for healthcare professionals including licensed practical nurses (LPN). The higher demand should mean more job opportunities in your area. This is the perfect time to begin training at one of the approved LPN schools in Jacksonville.

Students attending one of the accredited LPN programs in Jacksonville are taught in a clinical environment as well as a classroom giving students both the theory and practice for the role of an LPN. Candidates will learn how to provide basic medical care for the sick, elderly, recovering and disabled patients in a number of different healthcare facilities. This includes clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, long term care centers and even some private residences.

Finding LPN Schools in Jacksonville

Finding one of the accredited LPN programs in Jacksonville isn’t that hard to do. Most community colleges and vocational or jobs training schools offer training. You could even go hi-tech and enroll in one of the accredited online LPN programs that are available – which is great if you have a very busy schedule.

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Before you enroll in any of the LPN programs in Jacksonville, you will need to see if the program has the proper accreditation to make it worthwhile. Look on the school’s website to see if they have the approval of the National League of Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC). The NLNAC accreditation is an important feature for any training program since it will prove they follow the standards of training that helps one become successful as an LPN. Plus, an accredited school will make it much easier to take the licensure exam after you finish the training program.

LPN Licensure in Jacksonville

Once you have graduated from one of the accredited LPN programs in Jacksonville, you will need to take the licensure examination. This exam is called the NCLEX-PN (National Council Licensure Examination – Practical Nursing). Successfully passing this major exam opens a door to a career as the state of Florida and prospective employers will acknowledge that you have the skills and ability to competently work as a licensed practical nurse.

LPN License Renewal in Jacksonville

Your licensure as an LPN is valid for 2 years, after which you must renew it in order to continue working. The state of Florida requires that you much complete 24 hours of CE (continuing education) as well as 2 hours of Prevention of Medical Errors training within those 2 years. Make sure you check with the Florida Department of Health for any updated regulations on the renewal of your LPN licensure.

Suggested LPN Programs in Jacksonville