LPN To RN Online Programs

Choosing to become an RN can be a great career move, and becoming a Registered Nurse through an LPN to RN online bridge program can have many benefits. The 2012-13 Bureau of Labor Statistics guide lists the average RN salary around $63,000 a year, RN’s not only get paid 30% more than the average practical nursing salary but they also have more responsibility, can negotiate even higher pay, and find jobs in a wider variety of medical facilities. Listed below are just some of the great benefits to pursuing a RN degree through an online LPN bridge program.

Benefits of LPN to RN Online Programs

Time is of the Essence…

LPN to RN online programsBecause distance learning classes generally take up less or your time, LPN to RN online programs are the fastest way to earn a nursing degree. They are the ideal solution for anyone who is currently working as a Licensed Practical Nurse, and has limited time for nursing school because of a full work schedule.

With all study taking place online, there is great flexibility with regards to class schedules, access to instructors, and the variety of course offerings available. Furthermore, by eliminating the need to commute, you can take your online LPN courses after work, and can move forward at your own pace instead of waiting until the class is available.

Choosing an online bridge program will also save time by not forcing you to retake classes that cover material you have already studied. Saving time means you will be able to become a certified RN quicker, which means you will be able to save money and make more money sooner!

Saving Money Makes Cents

A fast track LPN to RN online program is exactly what its name implies…fast. Because the program is fast, you save money on tuition. Online classes in general are cheaper than traditional classroom-based instruction and adding flexibility into that mix can also save a bundle.

Another way to save money is by spending less time in the LPN to RN program. Online bridge programs are shorter because they look at the student’s individual knowledge, and allows the pupil to move toward an LPN to RN degree at his or her own pace.

Make Work, Work for You!

One of the main advantages of LPN to RN online programs is significantly decreased lab requirements. Many nursing programs require the student to invest several hours a week in hospital or clinic training as part of their curriculum. However, in a bridge program, many students entering the program already have many years of prior experience which can be transferred over to meet certain prerequisites.

Getting Ahead With LPN to RN Online Classes

The goal of online bridge programs is to make the process of getting your registered nursing degree or BSN faster, and to prepare you to sit for the NCLEX-RN examination as easily as possible. Online learning has made this process fast, inexpensive and highly efficient. If you are looking to advance your career in nursing by becoming an RN, then an LPN to RN online bridge program is the probably the right move for you.